24 januari 2019

Easy business for newcomers

Are you newly arrived to Sweden and have a good business idea? Do you think it’s difficult to handle the financial administration that a company requires?

We can help you test business ideas by using an umbrella company* as a platform in your development. You can run your own business without starting a business. You can also do that as part of your introduction plan if you have one. 

Easy Business with an umbrella company is a three-month knowledge program where you, together with business developers and other participants, can develop your business idea and invoice customers faster. You will gain increased knowledge of entrepreneurship, labor market and business based on a Swedish context. You also gain knowledge of business economics, marketing, sales and networking. In addition to this, you will learn how umbrella companies works.

* An umbrella company works much like an employer and manages administrative functions like billing, payroll and taxes. It is also the umbrella company that is approved for company tax. You are responsible for your customers and assignments.

Possible ways forward
By participating in Easy Business with an umbrella company, you will be able to have several ways forward. You can choose to continue to use an umbrella company. You can also choose to start a regular business. Perhaps you get such a good relationship with someone in your growing network so you get employed or you’ll find an area you want to learn more about and start studying.

Who can apply?
Applicants that are newly arrived in sweden, with a business background and have a business idea. If you have no business background but have a strong interest and a good business idea you are welcome to apply.

What do we expect from you?

Education in group
-Introduction + Presentation of the project and each other
-Labor market and business and information about umbrella companies
-Your own compass
-Context – Swedish and your home country
-Taxes and fees – in Sweden and in your home country
-Continued – the Swedish context + business concept
-Umbrella companies – how does it work in more detail?
-Show me the money – About money and budget
-Show me the deal – About the promotion of your service / product
-Customer contact
-Customer contact and networking
-Inspiration and course completion
Depending on the group’s needs, changes may occur in the disposition.

Individual advice
Booked in consultation with the advisers as needed.

Network meetings
Widen your network, exchange experiences and find new business partners.

Are you interested or do you have questions?
Åsa Ohlsson på Coompanion Skåne, 0733-63 86 23, asa.ohlsson@coompanion.se

About Easy Business with an umbrella company
The project is run by Coompanion Skåne together with the co-operative umbrella company Convoy. The purpose is to make it easier for new arrivals who have a good business idea to get started quickly with the help of umbrella company services. The program is run as a project funded by the Swedish Agency for Growth, Malmö City, Region Skåne, Convoy and Coompanion Skåne.

The program is held in a central location in Malmö.